Glorious Bodies, In It For The Long Haul and where Have All the Clothes Gone?

The Sainted One is in the next Stage of His social Season, having attended the major sporting events and Opera festivals sans moi, he is now by a Tuscan pool recumbent on a lounger and showing off his glorious toned body, getting it to this fabulous condition is a full time job, furtive tanning etc , it is necessary to have a lot of idiotic slaves around you … so nothing new there then. However I did tentatively enquire before the hasty departure if there might be any wishes or instructions in the event of an unforeseen accident ( the world is a dangerous place and the last escapade ended up in an unfortunate incident on a French motorway followed by a disappearance…) the French are not very nice about things like that as well they might not be. The reply was that he was in for the long haul and was a survivor etc….. I considered this rather gloomily concluding that joint expeditions were not a good plan, despite the huge difference in our ages…… I decided this some time ago actually.

Well, there is a lot a person can do when they can do what they frigging well like, another of the residents has gone for a while and the remainder are very self sufficient, so some gentle shopping etc and jolly lunches …… reading a friends short stories which must be published . I went to the sales and realized yet again that really well dressed women of a certain age do not wear patterns or white blobby tops, those changing room mirrors must be wrong who is this over stuffed sofa ? Just look at the returns counter at Zara ….. they wear them you know and then return them . …… but do people need so many clothes? Yes they do for their face book pages hence the returns.

As in everything else, Mrs May gets it right what a woman even getting a smile out of Mrs Merkin.

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