Women in “The Well Done Darling Syndrome” The Returning” and Michelle to rule the World,

I have never thought about the “well done darling thing” until a very talented woman I know explained why she had not quite achieved her potential. It was ,she explained being with blokes who were star performers, with her as the coat carrier, and always the well done thing. That is what it is like being married to someone famous always in the background. I have urged this woman to emerge from the shadowy role and sock it to the world ……. She will . I knew a lot of politicians wives who were like that and watched them over the years it was a thankless way of life, the men were all tossers in the end. Thankfully I never subscribed to this.

The Sainted One has returned, there was a gift left on the kitchen table awaiting my resumption of kitchen duties. Olive oil and biscuits. For some reason this did not do it for me both products readily available in Sainsbury’s. Basically one must manage everything even the guilt offering ……. Oh well thankfully there is a rather broad canvass here so we will not let it interrupt the cerebral calm necessary for the and final bit of edit on “Summer’s Grace”.

I am sure I was not the only person who felt a thrill at Michelle Obama’s speech yesterday ….. first black woman president of the most powerful country in the world ???????

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