A Judge With Balls, A Calendar Girl Moment, and “Bear With Me “.

Finally we have a judge with balls, and of course she is a woman. She faces an enquiry and all because when sentencing a right C—t she replies to his graphic invective containing many helpful and inventive suggestions as to what she could do with her own and everyone else’s parts that dare not speak their name ……. The final flourish was to call her the c word, sharp as a tick she says “ you are a bit of a c…t yourself “ there followed a Nazi salute and the “f off” routine “You too” she replied “take him down”. This woman is brilliant. I will go on a protest march for her anything …… the c—nts heading up an enquiry, will make themselves an object of ridicule “C—nt off” I say. By the way she is not called Patricia Lynch for nothing.

Talking of  that sort of thing , as one does, …… the Sainted One complains a lot????? one of the most recent and repetitive items concerns my lack of affectionate  conduct whilst engaged in the many domestic duties here, defrosting the fridge for example does not bring out the best in me, apparently one should always smile contentedly and hum jolly tunes whilst gushing compliments to boost the male ego????  the lack of this  leaves him isolated and bitter???? A Calender  Woman moment by the deep freeze perhaps ? The suggestion was greeted with a cold stare, so sorted!

Please people who answer phones where did “ bear with me “ creep into the world it should not be used anywhere outside a labour ward. It is usually followed by the worst music in the world and then nothing, oblivion” I won’t bear with them anymore I will think of something you wait and see. Suggestions welcome.

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