Sidney Won’t Kiss Me,Chaos, and Summer’s Grace.

We are keeping one of Beatrice’s magnificent puppies, but he won’t kiss me, it’s because the Sainted One has formed a relationship with him, Sidney is quite unique, a very complicated character and as this house is usually occupied by men of various ages I think it is a subliminal conspiracy and Sidney adores him. They are all the same you see quite manipulative. However this evening Sidney cracked and I got several kisses because it was supper time! So why the chaos ? Basically things got out of control there simply there was no time to file the various agendas so I worked out a new system open the door of what is laughingly called my office throw the stuff on the floor and leave it there, it worked a treat no more snooping and borrowing and continuous enquires. The SO is like inspector Clusot, there are ongoing investigations one to establish who walks down the stairs in such a way as to impose unnatural wear on the stair carpet which I installed twenty two years ago, apparently I should tread softly with an inane smile as I go about my duties, yep???? The most serious situation is why are there such weird bonfire smells coming from the basement early in the evenings accompanied by raucous laughter of a vulgar nature ?????

Well now for the really good news Summer’s Grace is going to the printers it is although I say it myself something of a masterpiece, I love it every bit of it with a team like Quartet what’s not to like about it? It’s namesake Grace is the PR and multi genius after whom I named it. We celebrated at my favourite restaurant, the owner asked who the beautiful girl was I said she was my boss, great feeling that , all about teamwork! And as for Peter!

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