Putting The Holes Behind You, The National Trust and A Book In Hand

The moment every writer looks forward to most arrived, the first copies of my new novel Summers Grace, it took three years. The cover is gorgeous as I expected and the whole enterprise has been a literal life saver for me, a swirling series of events at home and several epic journeys demanding forbearance of a kind I did not know I had … Admiral George Anson’s epic circumnavigation of the globe was of the same duration. Summer’s Grace helped me to survive many challenges and escape into another world where I watched and listened. Turning the pages of the book for the first time I shed many emotional tears of gratitude for it and for the fantastic group of people who believed in me and supported what was a very personal journey . I hardly dare say that most of the rocky crafts at home have reached calmer seas. Thank You Grace and yes !!! Peter there are actually real ones how odd is that? Well not at all in fact writers have many unseen scribes on their shoulders, so called Guardian Angels you just have to listen to them and don’t’ look round.

Talking of looking round, this week the Sainted One had a lot of moth holes in front of his V necked sweater so he did as any normal person would do and reversed it, the v at the back ditto moth holes . He looked terribly odd so I kicked off a bit and the explanation was that nobody would see them at the back. Well I did see them, and it left me confused and isolated along with some others who just looked vaguely embarrassed, I keep having shocking flash backs . He has developed another habit of swinging his desk chair round when I speak to him so that I have to address him from behind…. Really it was hard to decide whether he was coming or going under those circumstances but on consideration that is quite normal in this area where people like eccentricity ?

I have been meaning to get steamed up about the National Trust are they on a mission to turn England into a huge theme park ? No more sheep then just the human kind who must wear beige camouflage. I can’t start on this now it will depress me, so I will think about it next week after all tomorrow is another day .

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