Summers Grace Book Launch, The Ledgendary Niam Attallah, And Mick Jagger Was There.

Every author knows the feeling of dread before a book launch , will anybody come, will you make a fool of yourself when you thank all the people who have worked so hard to get it there , will all the books get lost on the way, will there be a hurricane on the night with warnings that nobody must leave their homes? Well none of these things happened a vast crowd of loyal friends came. The weather smiled, the beautiful books came and so did nearly all the family of which there are at least fifty. But best of all there was Niam Attallah, looking so dapper and exuding presence, and all his team from Quartet. Naim attracts glamorous and interesting people around him like Velcro. He spoke so movingly that my mascara ran down my white top, and when it came to my thankyous it was a very tough act to follow, but enter our old and dear friend Stanley Johnson who put a great spin on the event recalling many years of bringing up families who were all friends as children, Stanley had read the book with forensic precision and talked about it in enormous and compelling detail .There was a virtual stampede to the cash till where I signed every book until they ran out .

Naim does not do anything by halves and the wine he served which was consumed by the bucket load was of a calibre we would only serve of celebratory occasions. This evening was a testament to a remarkable man. To have a publisher like him is beyond a writers dreams. Oh yes and by the way I did see Mick Jagger there and so did lots of other people……. It was while I was having my makeup done , history does not relate what book he was looking for accompanied by two scary looking minders….. you never know with these things do you?

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