Letter from Ali, Testament of Courage NHS Failure!

Dear All, really looking forward to seeing you all later.

It is rather an emotional day for me. It should be a gloriously happy day for any parent when their child reaches 18. They should be about to spread their wings, possibly sharing a beautiful close relationship with someone and so much lies ahead for them. But for Anna it is sadly not.

I can never forget the terrible birth I had with Anna. The utter incompetence of the hospital. Lying there with my waters broken for 3 days. Begging them to give me a Caesarean section and they would not. Not seeing a doctor for 3 days at all. I know that things would have been very different with better care. I still feel huge anger and sadness about it all. It would have been a little easier if the hospital had maybe just said sorry. But instead they lied and falsified the notes so we could not sue. Another bitter pill to swallow. This pain will probably never ever go. I look at Anna constantly and wonder “what if” and how beautiful she is but how sad life is for her. I have searched for a cure for her. It seems that the brain damage will always be there and we just have to accept. So difficult. I would sell my house and everything I own to make her better.

The difficult journey will continue with her all of her life and who will take care of her when I am gone? Who will make good decisions for her? This is a big ask for Rosie and Leo but I am sure they will do the best for her and love her.

It has been a completely exhausting journey so far and a sad one but of course had many happy times too.

Please dig deep for all the energy you have tonight for her. I am sure she will have her moments but it would be so lovely to have a good memory of her having a very very special evening. No pressure!

Love you

Ali xxxxx

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