I Want to Live in Peter Jones, Sidney is a Prince, and Teeth.

I think I died in Peter Jones yesterday but the good news is that I woke up in heaven. Imagine the scene, every now and then I know I am going to collapse, if it is after 6 PM people inevitably think you are drunk and walk over you until some kind person brings some sugar. This time I started to keel over in Peter Jones perfumery department, there was not a chair to be seen. The angels were watching and I ended up behind the counter on the floor. Eventually awareness returns and I opened my eyes and looked into the eyes of an angel wearing a badge labelled “ Jewell” a face of sublime beauty smiled back and holding a lump of sugar was another beauty called “Jacqueline” from shoes, who is a trained first aider, and “behold” two more angels appeared with a packet of “Quality Street”. They all sat down on the floor out of site in a waft of Ralph Lauren and Aramis and the spirit of the ancient wigwam from whence cometh all knowledge. I expect there was a dip in the sales figures. OMG I will never forget it they were so adorable .. the story did not end there a car came and soon I was home, this all provided by John Lewis. I will never be able to thank them enough but perhaps it was all a dream and it was just a glimpse of how much kindness and decency there is in the world . And yes Peter Jones is the place to go if you feel a bit down, we all know that. A small light in a ghastly world of horror, but never the less it is tiny lights that can become the guiding star we celebrate at this time of miracles.

Yes our little Puppy Sidney, who the vet says will not live very long is a prince, people are booking their therapy sessions with him in time for Christmas because he has phenomenal healing powers ; he has beautiful teeth and has learned to smile and will only eat from a silver spoon. My divine cleaning assistant is his foster mummy and is very firm about the silver spoon, so we each have a special set for him. Hey Hoe another festive season then!

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