There are Angels on Clapham Common, a Drive through Hysterectomy, and Discovering Solitude.

Yes there are angels about, we meet them all the time, but mostly we do not see them. There is one very particular one on Clapham Common, she knows who she is and so do I . But first the matter of the hysterectomy, my darling little spaniel Beatrice has given the world five lovely little dogs who are giving untold joy to all the families who have them including our own Sidney who has stayed with us , who is a brave little star and has confounded the opinion that he might not make a few months let alone weeks …… but there he is a bright ferocious little chap living life to the full. But as is the way with the world and a metaphor for humans as well really, Beatrice was a superb mother, brave and uncomplaining but it tired her out and we were advised to give her a hysterectomy. I tried to explain this to the cleaning assistant who came here while Saint Joanna was away. There was absolutely no English so I mimed the event graphically. I returned half an hour later having deposited poor Beatrice at the vet. The assistant gave me a very odd look and said it was” no good because too quick “ she thought it was me I realized. I gave up trying to put the record straight, she must be wondering what the NHs is coming to. So there we are then, it will soon be available on an “ap” I expect, so have the womb removed and you get a free chicken in a basket while you wait.

Back to the Angels for some reason I have been completely alone for most of Christmas except for the angel who shone a great light she is from somewhere very special. This has been a first for me I have never spent a night alone ever and it illustrated perfectly the reality of the fleeting moment of parenting, this is how it is and then the scary years of all the rest and then some ????? This has been a strange journey but a great reality check. I have had a chance to make friends with me. So job done ! And special treats for Beatrice, I delivered her babies with Saint Joanna and her husband. I won’t forget how much love and care she has earned. Oh yes and the next book is born. Thank you Angel!

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