Is Anyone Sick of Being Told to be Happy?

Use of words is an important matter, so what is happiness? How can anyone be truly happy if you look at the world today and the suffering most of us here in this blessed country cannot even imagine. Perhaps it would be better to wish people harmony for Christmas and the new year, or as the bible would have it “Peace on Earth and Good Will towards Men.” Sublime happiness comes seldom and then only for a fleeting moment. Serendipity is made up of small things which must be treasured. Wonderful neighbours , small acts of kindness. The absence of the pernicious cop out of “blame” the bad fairy in most families . No such thing as blame, it is just what is. So please folks no more hope you had a happy whatever. No I did not actually. Except of course for a glorious gathering of grown up grandchildren prior to the big DAY and then of course the most beautiful service on Christmas Eve at St Pauls Clapham where I Worship. And then the Clapham Angel for whom the Lord has truly spoken! And of course my Spaniels who practice unconditional love .. oh the wonder of it. Most of my friends have been ill in bed with a killer cold so have frankly given up hope of a normal life ever a again … that is where I am now ! I am in touch with the Queen all though she does not know it , oh yes I am as are the millions of people who recognize our national treasure.

I met a woman the other day who said she wanted a Syrian refugee for Christmas because she could give “it” such a lovely time with a stocking and all. Well bless me Miss Scarlet, that traumatized child would wonder where the other one was ? Reality check required , child is not for Christmas it is for ever. Yes and of course Gone With The Wind on Christmas Day with the Angelic Host and Hostess. PERFECT. AND HE IS A CHEF!

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