The Curse of The I Phone, Russia at the Royal Academy, The Blue Jug

So the Sainted One, who has yet to make a call to me or anyone else on his ten year old Nokia has announced he will be getting an I Phone. Incredulously, I asked “why” ?. to “look up things when people are talking” came the answer. Further to that we are told that people come here to listen to his opinions and tap into his wealth of knowledge to improve their minds and so forth. So it is not for the delicious food prepared by “moi” or to congratulate or discuss my literary master pieces and hear my tinkling witty stories, whilst admiring the fabulous shabby chic décor without the chic ? It is true that the hours of TV do produce a wide miscellaneous range of facts that can cause gasps of amazement as they are seamlessly put together and delivered in a loud clear voice, no interruption’s tolerated . Occasionally a challenge will be offered or attempt to change the subject….. so the I phone will be furtively consulted and so speaks “Castaneda” ….. he said nothing actually which is rather a good thing. I know nothing me , so that’s alright then. I am also told that when we go out we are invited on the basis that the SO “ holds the table” in thrall. I am thinking ! More on this of course.

Yes the Russian revolution show at the Royal Academy is profound . I am still in a state of depression. And the Blue Jug went out because we found some used condoms in it .

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