Europe, Robert Walpole and the The She Devil.

So at last, many things have been pruned from the life of “moi”, and now is the moment. My new book will be set around the timeless brilliance of the politics of Robert Walpole, he was as wiley as they come, Europe …. He would have none of it, he was also a prime example of an “Erastian” so described by Edward Pearce in his great biography of the man. The word is not on my spell check but is neatly explained in the Oxford dictionary. We owe him a great deal for his robust adherence to these convictions. There is a glorious muddle going on at the moment on the world stage it is like The Play That Goes wrong, the replacement for the long running “Mousetrap” I am told by those unfortunate people who have sat through it, that it is the worst show in town. So I rest my case. Except to add that nobody really knows what they believe in.

Someone not far away from here called me a” fat sex crazed she devil ” recently. I am waiting for an apology for at least one of those three….. Yep three guesses it might be the one which goes by response “ in your dreams babe “ I rather liked the She Devil one actually. There is clearly more pruning to be done.

Our iconic Robinia is looking very poorly . A second opinion is coming on Tuesday. The first said darkly” you will have to get rid of it”, is his a metaphor I should pay attention to?

As to the fat thing, Robert R was very fat, but he was nevertheless a wonderful person to sit next to and it would seem, a terrific charmer, not one of those ones that talks about themselves in a dreary monologue of self adoration and terminal boredom. I am told that most elderly men think they are still irresistible hunks OMG that is so weird. I am sure Robert R did not think that he just knew his conversation was drop dead irresistible. Look around the table at your next gathering, all the women are nodding politely trying not to look at the nostril hair. Actually we have just been to an extraordinary family gathering where this was not the case all the women there were university educated , I was probably the only exception…. Of course I envy hem all that armour plated brain which comes when Knowledge is fed in from an early age. I think my parents were mad , quite bad and dangerous. Yep I know about Byron of course! This was a great occasion in a magnificent Livery Hall a table resplendent, and a menu fit for the Gods one for the memory box .. life is certainly not all bad. Sydney ate a huge bowl of fresh mince today.

Control Freaks, The Ultimate Fun Block, and Bootgate.

Yes there has been of freaky stuff round here, the Sainted One is on the “War Path” again off I go happy as a lark to have dinner with my wonderful Norwegian friend at Carrafini, the most timelessly wonderful Italian restaurant in London the SO happy with his favourite TV dinner I returned in the best of spirits …… But there was a festering miasma of panic in the house “You took the TV control out to dinner with you” the SO bellowed from halfway down the stairs. I protested innocence, the bag was snatched and tipped out, there were no condoms or drugs of course, and definitely no TV control. The Man Cave was littered with all the other TV controls , and an air of carnage prevailed “they don’t work, I have an attack because I had to run all over the house looking for it “ screamed the SO breathing heavily . Of course I found it in his “recliner chair stuck to various biscuit wrappings. “You put it there” was all the thanks. The next day I was punished for a crime I did not commit….. the car boot was shut on my head by the hand on the accuser. Horrified onlookers gathered as I reeled into the garden wall ….” you did it to yourself”.. I heard down a tunnel of head pain. Then the slamming of the front door. OMG this is to be patented the original “FUN BLOCK, FACTOR 87 KEEPS THE FUN AT BAY.

The thing is an age difference does not seem much when you are young, but a decade or so is very telling when husbands and wives get older…… but joy there is still, yesterday I “ went back” to the beautiful house where I knew true happiness, it has been a familiar friend over the years . The family who have lived in it for all their married life are sensitive custodians and welcome us with Grace. They must have read Yeats wonderful poem “I will spread my cloths under your feet, tread softly because you tread on my dreams”… this is a house that defines anyone who lives in it and people who came there when we lived in it all talk about it some saying, it was the Happiest time in their lives.

Happiness is also family successes Georgiana my eldest grandchild on the cover of Tatler in one of her stunning bathing suits , take a look on my previous post. That sent my viewings sky high.

Trump Worship in Clapham, Letters and the Rutting Stag Club

Yes I have to confess we all sang the following last Sunday in Church in Clapham “…..till Trump from east to west shall wake the dead in number, “ it was of course in a hymn and just shows how this monster has in filtrated everything. My fellow worshipper pointed it out to me and the rest is.. well as the platidunasists say “ it is what it is” . The same wordsmith invited me to look in the mirror last week when I was ready packed for emergency admission with “elbow horror” … “ JUST GO LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR “ the not so well meaning interventionist announced.( This was one of the worst things I have ever had said to me) The response can be summed up in one word really “ elbow “with accompanying gesture.

I have been sorting and chucking papers recently, it is them or me, they make me cry a lot , no need to shred them, good luck to anyone who can make sense of it all , I cannot, I know nothing … just heal thyself nobody else will.

The rutting Stag Club in future to be referred to as the RS club is has problems in the member ship, there is a list of essential requirements for membership which I will share at a later date ( watch this space) nostril hair just might be one of them … just a taster! Why do men pick their noses ???? several were doing it in the hospital today OMG help us .

Sidney is off his chickens livers.