Trump Worship in Clapham, Letters and the Rutting Stag Club

Yes I have to confess we all sang the following last Sunday in Church in Clapham “…..till Trump from east to west shall wake the dead in number, “ it was of course in a hymn and just shows how this monster has in filtrated everything. My fellow worshipper pointed it out to me and the rest is.. well as the platidunasists say “ it is what it is” . The same wordsmith invited me to look in the mirror last week when I was ready packed for emergency admission with “elbow horror” … “ JUST GO LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR “ the not so well meaning interventionist announced.( This was one of the worst things I have ever had said to me) The response can be summed up in one word really “ elbow “with accompanying gesture.

I have been sorting and chucking papers recently, it is them or me, they make me cry a lot , no need to shred them, good luck to anyone who can make sense of it all , I cannot, I know nothing … just heal thyself nobody else will.

The rutting Stag Club in future to be referred to as the RS club is has problems in the member ship, there is a list of essential requirements for membership which I will share at a later date ( watch this space) nostril hair just might be one of them … just a taster! Why do men pick their noses ???? several were doing it in the hospital today OMG help us .

Sidney is off his chickens livers.

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