NHS Alive and Well, Eternal Life and Chaos.

OMG why does everyone complain about the NHS. I think yet again they have saved my life, specifically the Chelsea Westminster Hospital. The serious wound team in this case George Leon –Vallapalos and his team of dedicated nurses who are available twenty fur seven. The expertise, dedication and kindness, delivered with unfailing eficincy, superior to anything possible in the private sector have been an inspiration. I am deeply grateful and one might well ask where do or the nurses go? The answer is why do they go? Here is the thing, having gained a wealth of experience there is a cap on their salary , they cannot rise above twenty eight thousand a year at which level they are stuck. They cannot really afford to live in London and thus the great teaching hospitals they lose their finest, and no they do not take their skills to other hospitals. They give up altogether the or go abroad. The Consultants cannot deliver the astonishing care I have had without a tight and loyal team. My treatment has cost a fortune, I have never been made to feel I am not worth it even on a Sunday afternoon.

The Sainted One has acquired a monitor attached to his wrist, this sends information to his phone ( to which I have never obtained a response) about his steps and levels of exertion, he is very precise about the amount of steps advisable in a day. Thus all activities are measured, this is useful in the home of course, so the winged slave as per moi finds it tricky during the recovery period , which has precluded the use of the right arm to use the laptop or continue the historical master piece. However thanks to the C and W am tinkering with the keys again . I have just been told that a lot of people die on the lavatory

owing to the effort sometimes required to achieve a satisfactory conclusion. I have not told the SO watch this space.

I did manage to support the Compassion In World Farming, gathering two weeks ago and what a celebrity gathering it was, pity the Conservative Manifesto does not seem to mention any of this at all . Chaos is rife when the animal kingdom is forgotton.