Wonder Dog Sydney, and “Res nolunt diu male administrari” (things refuse to be mismanaged long)

Hello there Nemesis, I think you have done your bit round here for a bit, so yes dare I say it …. Good news here, my son is restored, the right arm with the ghastly injury is better and Sydney has confounded the experts and made his first birthday. The “book” is on the go a again thanks to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and also  Walter Emerson’s essays which I would recommend, they resonate as loudly as they did a hundred years ago. Yep it’s all about balance , positive and negatives .

In public matters, am I imagining that the lady with a very posh name and a second home (previously owned by a posh daddy and a nice little trust), who is now in charge of Chelsea and Westminster Council has just replied to a reasonable enquiry by a rather nice interviewer when asked “Have you ever been in a Tower Block?” Something like “No I have never been in a tower block, but I have visited lots of houses and flats in the area”. Hence the wonderful quote. One might supply answers to the following questions put to her eg… have you ever done any ironing , have you ever lugged a pram into a urine soaked lift, … and so many more but then as per the latter , how did she manage to canvas for a vote in such a place, probably she never did after all, “ it is the duty of the noble man to supply employment for the artisan”. Yes it is Madam Chairman you probably have done. So how apt “things refuse to be mismanaged long” . Don’t get me started on Corbyn’s broken pledges we are of course in the “Post Truth era” I want you all to know that I qualified as a brain surgeon when I was sixteen perhaps? And that I might be astonishingly clever, well if you live with a politician anything is possible with night vision goggles. Yep but I feel better when the Times devotes it’s leader to protecting the hedgehog from the construction of the fri…ing railway which will cut ten minute of a tufted executives journey from “The “north” to London as the new Chairlady might say “where is that anyway?” I will do anything for that campaign……. Look it up there is something you can do.