The Scrotal Panorama, Mad Men, Elevator Man, and The Blue Man

Why is that old men or even younger ones approach seated women and thrust their nether regions into your face, sometimes with rather dubious stains on the crutch, last week one of them did it to a very glamorous friend of mine and moi and then let forth half a sausage roll from his mouth which landed on my silken lap. The time for politesse was over I got up and shook it onto the nicely mowed  grass and told him it was disgusting .Unperturbed this man continued a mindless blurb whilst “Conchita” discussed this phenomena  behind our jewelled hands . Actually she explained he had already showered her with the contents of his mouth earlier. Since then many of my women friends have agreed that the scrotal presentation thing is becoming rather more frequent , sometimes there is a rocking movement as they move from one cheesy foot to the other , probably because their shoes are causing discomfort because they do not cut their toenails, which froth into long white irregular talons . I mean nobody could get close to them anyway because in a horizontal unclothed position, serious injury is a very real danger . We decided the comment should be “ would you mind taking a step back, I think you know why”.

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