Addicted to Fisherman’s Friends, Luxury Cottages and Aracnnaphobia.No

Addicted to Fisherman’s Friends , yes that’s me but as I had to point out to a rather vague friend of mine “not the two legged sort.” No I am not trawling the banks of smart rivers or vomiting on some choppy water in the dark, which I once did with a gentleman appropriately named Lillicrap. It was hell. They are magic throat sweets I chew them because basically I talk too much. Now this business of “ luxury cottages “ . Well it depends on your definition of luxury. I won’t go there actually. No not again at least

Arachnophobia is a very common affliction and I think the majority of the female population have it, but it is perhaps the one chance left to the wretched Male persons to prove they are real men …… but the truth is they don’t like them much either. Perhaps because the big hairy female spiders eat the exhausted males. I have encountered six of the monsters in the last two weeks, the answer is chestnuts they hate them.

Isn’t it strange how the Tory Party are so chauvinist, yes they are? I was once left alone by some of them on a darkening ski run with my fifteen year old daughter as they all skied down with the guide. None of them noticed when we eventually got back completely traumatised. Now had we been men they would not have done that you see. I am quite sorry for Mrs May , the knives were out at the beginning. The really ruthless ones encouraged her into that election, her natural female intuition was bullied into submission, it is easily done, I know this. I think she is getting the hang of what brutes they all are, well done her, none of them have great legs, just keep telling the truth Mrs May it is the best weapon you have in the “post truth era”.

Sydney’s weekend

Many Shades of Gray, fabulous Isle of Wight and Rain

So here we are on the much anticipated visit to our old home on the Isle of Wight but in someone else’s house. It is a standard of décor and attention to detail which is quite beyond me. Indeed my style is what someone once memorably called “shabby chic without the chic.” Yep that is the way all thrown together occasionally it works. We are blessed with Izzy the kitchen goddess . it takes time to do “renetry” into life without stress never mind the complaints about the meals on wheels provided by a top chef elsewhere are not quite perfect “gravy a bit too sweet” .

My girl dogs have had their hair done by their island hairdresser. So its my turn next . watch this space.