“Tory Gate ” the Faulty Towers Show at the Conservative Party Conference, and Moth “Balls”

Well you couldn’t make it up, in fact no editor would accept this as a credible story line, did I imagine that our Prime Minister, was virtually assaulted on the platform at her very own Conference for quite a long time, Where were her security people, where were her stewards but most of all her cabinet, all sitting in the front row except for revolting Angela “Loathseome” who still thinks she is in with a chance They are, of course mostly men and not one of them moved a muscle , the assaulter touched thug Boris grabbing his knee who just sat bum on seat expostulating, the only one who spoke was Amber Rudd who muttered “please leave “ well girl, we have done this already. Back to Amber whom I greatly admire, but we look for more in you Home Secretary. I knew her mother well, she was a redoubtable woman, she would have been up on her feet dispensing with the idiot waving his P45. Tory women are good at that sort of thing but they also seem to have lost their balls, I once heard one deal with one of those idiots with her umbrella deftly aimed, and the immortal words “ You are an arsehole in the world’s biggest armpit” .

Now to the best bit while the PM is stuttering with her bad cough the Conservative promises begin to fall off the wall letter by letter and the Chancellor offers her a cough sweet. None of these people is fit for purpose, they can’t even run a poxy conference. I don’t feel very sorry for the PM she has a sharp slightly hysterical voice at best rather like a hockey teacher losing her” “rag”at “that time of the month”. But she went on shrieking at pointless fringe meetings for the whole week instead of conserving her vocal chords as any good voice coach would have told her to do. We must be the laughing stock of the world but the sad fact is “don’t sack nurse you will get something worse”.

Its moth time again, all the good black coats coming out for the memorial services, OMG I don’t, usually go to those. The practical solution practised not far from here is the wear the offending garment back to front so it, won’t notice so much. It doesn’t make much difference actually they all have holes there is a lot of that about. As for “leave” we haven’t arrived yet Thanks David Cameron, another Tory great.

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