Cousins Galore,Back to The Brick, Story.

Thank heavens for all the cousins, this week sees moi trying to sharpen up a bit , so I must discard the egg yolk stained top which successful writers are obliged to wear to be convincing. THE DRESS has come out and it does not have moth holes, so off I will go, no clutch bag though more like a big bag lady thing with umbrellas and the brick phone which all the smoothies are now acquiring , it is less toxic than all the I phone stuff etc actually I never really changed mine I kept my old brick you see because I am soooo smart, the I phone was the worst experience I have had for a long time , invasive, evil, head F…ing all mixed up with dog pooh bags which always emerge on the occasions when I venture into what might be called society. So I went to the London library to collect the books a genius archivist had got for me , one of which was last borrowed in 1949. Thank heavens I wore the egg yolk top and some grotty trousers. I had forgotten the vow of silence in that marvellous place, there are lots of greyish terribly clever people lost in there, too embarrassed to ask for guidance. I coughed in the reading room and heads swung like cobras. But I looked like all of them except for the terrifying bit with men journalists in all the comfortable arm chairs . Now that is well scary. But the place is miracle and as a lapsed member it is money well spent, I love it.

As it happened I bumped into a tall legendary cousin in Jermyn street who asked me where I had been for the last ten years ? I didn’t know the answer to that a further meeting is arranged to elucidate. Then another one contacts to say that a v posh person in Ireland recommended my book Summers Grace not knowing of course that I shared the name with the subject matter Admiral George Anson. And was non other than a poor relation ???? well not exactly.

So here is the thing, women should keep their maiden names they define who you are. There are so many Anson’s around the world think if had been Anson on my books we could have been EVEN better read, who knows? It was the great debate when I wrote my first novel in 1994. The next one will be Anson Hannam. Now the next challenge is lurking “ The Married Women’s Property Act “ that changed everything but prior to that OMG .there is a story for you. Well for me actually. Set in the eighteenth century of course!

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