Chivalry at Brussels, To Go Out or Not to go Out and Sydney Hits Bond Street.

In haut classe social situations Europeans do have lovely manners, it makes a changes not to seated next to a nostril haired egoist who eats with his mouth open and thinks he is the cats whiskers. Last week I went to a really lovely dinner party I was the only Brit apart from an immaculately mannered young English Guy who works with a lot of polished Europeans and charming people who HAVE to be well mannered and patrician. It was so very nice to be treated with such consideration and asked some courteous questions about what I did, in the broadest sense of course. I noticed the men liked to speak English , well they would I suppose because they were all diplomats . But the women chatted in a sort of French where a patios has been developed. It is difficult to follow and the prettiest language of all. So yes , Yes! I went out, but going out is not what it used to be , we all get up a lot earlier and most people have to get on with “work “ at a very much earlier time . Most people there could not believe the obsession with Brexit, Britain and Europe have always had an uncomfortable relationship. Like and elegant marriage with spaces in togetherness. So we did not discuss it at all. I got to bed well past my rule of ten O clock lights out “ early to bed and up with the cock” as the German ambassador once said to Princess Margaret.”

So then , did I see Mr Junker , who has behaved like the proverbial “cochon” to our prime Minister Teresa actually treated her with manners and what appeared to be “Chivalry” Do we think this is because he saw the way her mostly male cabinet sat and did FA while she was assaulted on the platform at her own conference?

Sydney of doggie fame went shopping in Bond Street today, he is presently eating custard creams, and thinking about a new collar, the one he has is much too pink and he is all man these days. Picture to follow.

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