Breathe, don’t miss it! A Spider in the Plane. and The Real Sex Pest Back Lash

Do not miss the film Breathe, it is a beautiful masterpiece. I ask you a man in an Iron Lung , is that movie material? Breathe is the story of Robin and Diana Cavendish. I young couple in love and in luck, until polio sends them into a world of unimaginable awfulness. A film made by their son now a middle aged man with total recall. See the film it is inspirational, never mawkish, never sentimental a story of complete and absolute love. What a woman Diana was and is , she became the lungs of the man she loved, he became an icon. The story is told with searing accuracy even to the parties, of which the astonishing Robin sat unable to move anything but his very handsome head. People fed him but he was never diminished, he had perfect manners, they laid on a show, in a dilapidated country house, clean sheets, flowers , delicious food , witty conversation, their little boy, smiley people all seemingly working for free, Diana’s acerbic wit, I once mentioned the very large spiders which seemed to enjoy the house she heard the arachnophobic screams, she did not suffer fools, I had also confided that I was a nervous flier “well don’t worry I will see to it that there is a spider on the plane when you next fly”  she said with her usual brisk twinkle.


Now to the subject of sex pests, please ladies no more revelations from the eighties from middle aged females, Ok some dicko thought he might get lucky and touched  your knee under the table at a Tory meeting or a working man’s club or grabbed you when you went to their hotel suite. When a publisher did this to me years ago, I might add ,I had a friend outside the door who was instructed to ring the bell after twenty minutes Us old timers used to deal with that easily, in fact I could write a “ Hand book “ on the various methods. Believe me they were very effective. No really women are being turned back into sex objects and they have themselves to blame fess up. You are doing a great disservice to women who really are the victims of serious crime. Most of the revelations coming out now are examples of women who could easily have exposed the man at the time ….. how about “ take your hand off my knee please” in a loud audible voice. Women cannot afford to be pussies , as they say in Texas “ if you don’t like the horn don’t tussle with the bull “

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