Grenfell Tower Heartache, Help Where it is Needed

Cruse Bereavement Care whose highly trained volunteers gave 584,816 hours of their time to bereaved people in 2016-2017, this included providing unique support to the Grenfell Tower victims. Within hours of the catastrophe we were there, a team follows the news worldwide to flag up an alert to prepare a team for immediate action.

The twin Towers saw twelve volunteers on the first plane to get into Kennedy Airport within hours. The same applied to Grenfell Tower, working with the Red Cross cruse was there, we still are, and will be for months or even years. I became a trustee of Cruse forty three years ago and only recently retired. But I am still closely involved and honoured to be a patron. Representing the patrons yesterday it was as ever an inspiring and moving day , Cruse was a small charity primarily for widows when I first worked for it, but the net soon widened to support all bereaved people. One to one for 30,742 people this year , but numbers helped by Cruse are far greater than that, the families at Grenfell are many and far reaching , we have never been a country who has really looked in depth at the emotional need of the immigrant population, many of the victims at Grenfell had had a horrific battle to get to this country and what they thought was safety. Imagine the joy of those children when they slept in their own bed in the peace of their new home and this terrifying event that took them back into disaster. Their stories are horrific . Cruse is always too modest about it’s work of course we need more financial support delivering our services costs £4.9 million people we can be reached at

I treated myself to a cab home , it was very late in the afternoon, the driver said “ don’t worry I saw you , I wasn’t going to leave you on that corner” that’s how it feels to be helped by Cruse , and he asked where I had been? I told him, “How amazing “ he replied,” keep up the good work, I am twenty nine and my mum died when I was eighteen I went to pieces and then I went to the hospital where she passed away all those years ago to ask for help and they put me in touch with Cruse, my life changed, now I am happily married with a new baby but it took ten years for me to find the help I could have had all along.”