Looking on the Bright Side “House Humping”and a Prick in the Eyeball

This is the first time I have used my laptop for three weeks, a lot of people think I died, well actually I did rather give up the ghost when I had a sudden headache and then double vision and all that goes with it My warrior son had to take time off work at Hackett who are the best employers in the world . I went to the battle zone of the NHS emergency and Andy did a lot of handbagging whilst I noisily threw up into a nice cardboard bowl which did make the other patients in the snaking Triage very upset and mindful to expedite my removal in a wheel chair to neurology..People are very descent. But he did get things going did that boy and the result was care from a centre of excellence at its very best. My God when push comes to a relation like him you see what a fabulous machine he NHS is. My gratitude to everyone of them is beyond words. The Sainted One did emerge from the man cave and made some fish fingers but did not say much except that I had lost weight which was marvellous because I was much too fat in the first place One of his relatives complained to me during this ghastly time that this was not a “happy house” and they had a list of complaints about his care which they would like to submit as soon as possible., probably about the noisy laughter and smell of bonfires emanating from the kitchen, . My neighbours were amazing and one of them produced some carefully ironed brown paper bags to breathe into when I had some terrible panic attacks. (This works a treat by the way.)

On the home front plus ca change now its back to the big build up to bin day which is Sunday and precludes any form of other activity, I put them out today but they had to be straightened, talk about this has endless possibilities there is a lot in a bin ….. I still cant really use the screen so heaven knows what I have written, but it all “ such fun” I told two very nice estate agents who came about insurance this week that I had done a lot of house humping in my time I aslo told the eye specialist who advise injections in the ee ball that were only like a small prick I replied that I had seen a lot of pricks in my time but never had one in the eyeball . The dept all laughed so am pleased with that because one must hold on the a sense of the ridiculous .