Brussel Sprouts , Tory Knives are out and the , the Death of Chivalry

So there I am granted a brief interlude with the Sainted One interrupting his afternoon TV “Doctors” in which someone is having yet another “hystericalectomy” did you know how much agents fees and stamp duty is for anyone moving house ? I ask its suppose to be a focussing session you see. “About two thousand pounds” comes the answer. That’s it then no further elaboration is forthcoming and then the curious remark “ Why do you think people do not want to eat Brussel Sprouts in July? “ I imagine the hot weather would make them fart “. I reply. Sound goes back up with a lot of humpthing…and sighing. Is a veiled allusion to Europe? I will never know .

But one thing is sure, there something wrong with anyone who enters politics the behaviour of poor Mrs May’s cabinet is revolting , all the knives are out brilliantly screwing her brave visit to China …. Riveting stuff for the Chinese I don’t think do they really want this wretched woman bleeting about our troubling domestic details you see it all about Brussel Sprouts in the end and they are all windbags .

Trying to keep the fun show on the road though … the Chinese love to laugh and Mrs May should not Nod all the time just open her mouth and laugh enchantingly , that what everyone except “You Know Who”does here but I must stop sniggering and keep ironing the napery for his trays. But hold on he did read my new book aloud to me so I can now remember the plot actually it is rather good ! Still cannot see the screen properly so chapter nine will have to wait .

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