Mothers Pride, Wonder Dogs and Worth the great Fashion House, Put a sock in it Daniel.

Soon you will find some amazing pictures of Lucy O Donnell here, now an Ambassador for Macmillan Cancer Research. What a triumphal story that is. Last weekend I encountered, a German Pointer dog called Gosha racing about on Clapham Common competing with his sister who could not keep up. Gosha had been run over and lost the use of his back legs. His owners had found a company in America who made him bespoke Titanium wheels . What ingenious creatures human beings are, and how we love dogs in our country they are truly our best friends in times of stress and danger , it is a unique relationship. My daughter Lucy was watched and loved by her spaniels Snoopy and Lola as she soldiered on down the lonely road to remission Lola was stolen and the family went into freefall but, my Spaniel Beatrice had six babies one of which is Snoopy’s friend two soldiers at the gate for Lucie now.

OMG some films , I am a great movie addict The Broken Thread, ( I think) in which Daniel Day Lewis plays a top couturier in the fifties . Day Lewis announced this was to be his last role , it should be. We are told he is in character form the moment he takes the script , I pity his family, Mr Woodcock is a prize arse and should have been put out of his misery . He was OCD with nobs on finicketing on about every little thing with an enabler sister who obviously had never known true love and was is in thrall to her ridiculous brother. Woodcock Yes that is his name!…..measures a hapless girl who strays into his Oldman space and that’s where Day Lewis gets it very wrong I ask you what couture model would have had a thirty inch waist?. Twenty three at the most, I should know I was one for Worth actually. The continuity was brilliant apart from some of those glaring mistakes. I think a lot of it was based on the house of Worth in Grosvenor street where I was an In house model for quite a while, they got is very right . When I was there the designer was called Owen Hyde Clark known as Hyde Park he had a fabulous sense of humour and we had a load of fun he also ran a tight ship he suffered with the models as the zips got caught in our skins, by bad dressers and we fainted during the nightmare of toile cuttings not helped by rubber rollons and chiffons over the heads as the dresses were slid down our nonwoman bodies I was only just sixteen.. One day the accountant Eric Newby announced that he was going to become an explorer … he and his wife did and started climbing lessons wearing Gym Shoes somewhere in Wales . But Oh the glamour of it , sweeping through those curtains so different from the Lacrosse pitch from which I had absconded ! . Injections in the eyeballs tomorrow .

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