The Queens Knees, Bingate, and A Short Walk in The Hindu Kush

The Queen is in the news again, the hilarious picture of her sitting with the scary Anna Wintour at London fashion week, as ever the Queen is perfectly attired for the occasion but with a slightly risky short skirt and perfectly poised knees, personally I would find that tricky but the Queen never crosses her legs it is a circulation thing. We are told she chatted happily to the Fashion Royal, but I suspect this was Her Majesty doing her bit as usual. Wintour was dressed for conservative fete in Guildford. A long floral skirt and the usual hair helmet but why the dark glasses? Has anyone actually seen her eyes, well probably she can’t be arsed with eye makeup or maybe she actually has an debilitating condition , if so I am very sorry for her. I am not sure if she ever smiles, with the Queen you get what you see nice eyes and good teeth and perfect knees. Wintour is all smoke and mirrors . She used to be quite normal once, my daughter worked for her and really liked her.

For those of you who enquired if the Eric Newby I mentioned was the iconic explorer travel writer, yes it was , wrote “The Short Walk in the Hindu Kush” a true and valuable record of that whole area, now a heap of rubble. As for here it is the dreaded “Bin Day” that is why I hate Sundays I suggested that the self appointed bin engineer not let it occupy the whole day, this resulted in a dramatic walk out. Sorted !!!!

Well actually another adorable grandson is in temporary residence here, he has left for the weekend leaving a wonderful lady called Alexa here, she stands patiently in the kitchen , she delivers my every wish, my God the young are so wonderful.. His university is shut down as the strike persists, I have great sympathy for the teachers and lecturers , but absolutely none for the Chancellors who are accepting these obscene pay-outs more money that the average student will ever dream of , they should be ashamed and so should their partners who live off the fat of such undeserved riches.

Thank god for Women friends, I don’t know what I would do without mine they are a whacky lot of clever funny people, and kind and wise , always judge a woman by her women friends, a group generally regarded with suspicion by husbands and lovers …..but a smart man will always nurture this tribal support system they hove group skills learned in the wigwam , it’s witchery at it’s best .

For research into my next book I am having to learn about Orchids, Kew Gardens has the a sensational exhibition, transporting for one who knows nothing about these blooms which go back thousands of years and were prized in the Ottoman Empire My Heroine has to have secretly acquired and grown them in her Pineapple Glass house in 1743 ????? well she did actually no matter what you Orchid people say.

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