Woman with Toy recorder in Arrest Horror,Theresa May aided By Russians and Win Some Lose Some.

Sheffield council have mounted a campaign to denude the borough of trees in case birds nest in them or people get injured by falling leaves. Nonviolent residents have been protesting vehemently and in a series of shocking incidents they have been bundled into police vans and quite possibly cuffed and all the rest ,one of them was an elderly lady with her arm in a sling was in possession of a plastic toy recorder, this weapon was considered very dangerous coercive by Sheffield Council. (Let us hope she was spared an intimate search.)  The mindless Chairman Mao did this in China of course any similarities are obviously coincidental or are they?

My goodness Theresa is on a winning streak, and her unexpected benefactors are the Russians, their vile behaviour has enabled this extraordinary woman to shine on the world stage, who would have thought that the woman who was rudely cold shouldered on the European platform is now being greeted with hand kisses and Gallic charm and has managed to unite the whole of Europe behind her , now that is pure genius and a massively good dresser plus she does not even carry a handbag. Prince Harry’s future wife needs to learn this her handbags are too big for public life,  she lets them drag her down with statement straps and what’s with her hair, she is always at it pushing it out of the way trying to get it behind her ear.. The Duchess of Cambridge gets it right every time Megan needs to watch her new sister in law. I feel sorry for people who have to dress up, me I only ever wear black trousers and dread getting dressed, I adore my dressing gown with the egg yolk on it it is a badge of pride me and Beryl Bainbridge who wore hers all the time ,  recently I made a remark about this to a male person I know very well saying how much I used to enjoy getting dressed and he replied how much he had enjoyed getting me undressed …. This was a long time ago ! Chivalry is not dead

Thought for the day, all this smiling only came in with enriched plastic teeth they don’t age well those teeth after a while they don’t look right in peoples faces because they do not change with the scull , my dentist told me that. Do these people smile like that all the time even when they are roasting chickens in their humble cottages? “ so sweet , so romantic” don’t you know?. But they do make a lovely couple .

Girls Blouse Diplomacy, Prick in the Eyeball Time, and “My Conker is Bigger tthan Yours”

It was “bingate” again yesterday , there is always fall out after that, its hard to respond to dustbin resentment in an adult way, so our Defence Secretary could well have established a very clever genre, the simple “shut up and go away in a weird girls voice ,” thing is pure genius or totally witless ? But on second thoughts even by the low bar set by the marital exchanges in this beautifully run house!!!!? (starched napery for Lunch with “Company”) are perhaps totally ineffectual but there are similarities… the post truth era established by none other than Trump is ubiquitous , the museum of stuff that gets rolled is terminally dull and belongs in the playground.. But then there is the “ My conker is bigger than yours” thing Now there is a thought ! (My dad was a fighter pilot!)The Sainted One ate a four course lunch prepared by moi for some lovely friends and has the vapours today because I went to bed and watched the Durrells and he didn’t fancy the cold cuts and ha to make himself some tomato soup. One for the Me too campaign all this is learned behaviour, pursue your endeavours save up enough to buy a family house give up a carreer to do the two for the price of one thing , get your open university thing learn to fly and to love spiders you will always be a second class person who should make the tomato soup . It is systemic , it is bewildering , I see it all over the place … basically marriage is the institution that enables it the levelling of half the population to the lowest aspirations of human achievement … nothing you do rates in the married state ladies believe me.

This week it is prick in the eyeball for me at St Thomas’s hospital , I still can’t see well enough to read the small print in the bible for example, it is actually a work full of wisdom and some of it accords well with my non Christian mood at the moment. I would like to smite some of “mine” enemies particularly the ones who put their Puppy in the overhead locker on a plane and let it die as it fought for breath barking and struggling to get out .. The Times should not print these things without names and addresses, I would have “smote” these morons instead I harbour rancour and anger which is a bad thing. It’s not the only thing that I put the names of vexatious people in a jam jar in the deep freeze. I wish them no lasting damage, of course just poetic justice. One of them broke a leg last week which curtailed some really noxious behaviour. Job done they have been taken out for a bit!!!

What a Wonerdful World but nothing is perfect is it?, Osipova and Matthew Ball

I blew my all on tickets at Covent Garden for Natalia Osipova and Matthew Ball dancing in the last night of Giselle at Covent Garden, my birthday present to myself, it was a sublime evening and I don’t think I will ever see the like again, the auditorium was probably eighty percent Russian ,it would be wouldn’t it ? They take their Ballet very seriously and nobody talked. They didn’t smile a lot. But me and my son did , especially after Lobster in the Crush Bar . But I don’t feel comfortable with the way lobsters are killed the metaphor is clear. What a week I had a visit to the Royal Academy one of our many national treasures to see how Charles 1rst spent other people’s money And a selection of my sixteen children and grandchildren at my favourite restaurant for lunch yesterday OMG it is these young who are the real national treasure as is the NHS. Without which I would not have been able to see the stage. Bits are still blur but it was enough to live in the heart for ever.