What a Wonerdful World but nothing is perfect is it?, Osipova and Matthew Ball

I blew my all on tickets at Covent Garden for Natalia Osipova and Matthew Ball dancing in the last night of Giselle at Covent Garden, my birthday present to myself, it was a sublime evening and I don’t think I will ever see the like again, the auditorium was probably eighty percent Russian ,it would be wouldn’t it ? They take their Ballet very seriously and nobody talked. They didn’t smile a lot. But me and my son did , especially after Lobster in the Crush Bar . But I don’t feel comfortable with the way lobsters are killed the metaphor is clear. What a week I had a visit to the Royal Academy one of our many national treasures to see how Charles 1rst spent other people’s money And a selection of my sixteen children and grandchildren at my favourite restaurant for lunch yesterday OMG it is these young who are the real national treasure as is the NHS. Without which I would not have been able to see the stage. Bits are still blur but it was enough to live in the heart for ever.

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