Blog Happy, The Joy of Gardens Richard the Third and Fox Gate.

The thing about Blogs as a friend of mine mentioned, you cannot really tell people about how you were considering five different ways of killing yourself, after all we all get like that on a bad hair day. So therefore consider the plus points so here goes, a magical day at Sissinghurst, followed by someone actually cooking dinner .. and the eyeball injections have worked a treat ( down side seeing hairs on the chin) oh yes, goodness quite perfect blow dry( on head) which lasted five days.

The garden at its peak, the S O is very good at planting the stuff moi gets from very rare sources and trying to remedy all the brown patches of canine Pee . We went to a beautiful dinner party, with lobster on rare gold plates and a perfect lawn despite dozens of Pekenezes followed by Beuf Strogonnof in honour of a guest who was born to the firing of Russian Canons ( I didn’t fully comprehend this) . Now for the bad bits, somebody has helpfully fiddled with my mouse , so the spell check does not work , nor much else really, so speaking as a dyslexic this is rather awful also Sandy my beloved fox as hurt himself badly, the RSPCA came with a sinister net and cage, Sandy scarpered , wise move I would say, they probably put them to sleep I bet. He was back today and looked better after eating the sausages “Bunny” puts out for him. At the Church fete a very nice person remarked to me that I must have been rather beautiful thirty years ago….. if it were so I hope I made the best of it ….. they meant well of course. I am living with Richard the third, my gentle step on the staircase provokes a ubiquitous cry from the SO of something like “Oh miuou Gawd” it trails on the last bit into a dreadful ominous distance as per the dear Richard as he cried out for his horse. Mind you he was not quite as bad as Lawrence Olivier made him. What folks will do for some Wimbledon tickets is astonishing so the horse gallops on and the adorable Gazelle cowers by the fridge thinking.

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