Dolly Power, Writers Block, and Nasty Nurses .com.

Pictured here you will see the dolly I made for all my daughters when they were small, Lucie still has hers it has seen her through horrible cancer treatment and always been with her , for me that is deeply moving … last weekend I gave dolly a makeover a new hat and the works it took a while and the stitches were not as fine as forty eight years ago but each one was a testament to love . Dolly is set for another forty years or so now and will work her magic, I am very proud of her !

I think there is a proper book coming here and taking shape in the ghastly apocryphal heat, it is a astonishing how people can go on bleating and squabbling when such battles are there being won and sometimes lost.

Nasty Nurses is a brilliant idea believe me such a service would be most useful. All needs would be attended to, a terrifying version of Nannie Macpie why do I think this? My secret!

Lucy’s Doll before and after