Life with a Fit Bit,Rome Burns and Black and British.

Fit Bits are all very well but living with one has it’s moments: the Sainted One now in his ninetieth year, was given one a year ago by some idiotic person. So Fit Bit is the adjudicator of all decisions. Fit Bit often says “no” it might warn of the dangers of taking even one more step stretching out a hand for loo paper or answering the door. There are of course other matters too delicate to mention here. I never bargained for the Fit Bit thirty five years ago when I overlooked the enormous age gap between FitBit owner and moi, he was too damned handsome for that ( and athletic)

Well here we are and Fit Bit failed last night , it’s owner was taken queer at the theatre and took the Fit Bit home,.Croquet in the midday sun is a bloody stupid idea Fit Bit! Anyway I stayed through the remarkable “Imperium” Robert Harris is a genius ; for much of it I shut my eyes and thought I was back in 2018 absolutely nothing has changed in the political spectrum.

Nigel Bigger wrote in yesterday’s Times “Transgender identities does look awfully like fiddling with ones naval while Rome burns”. Well the planet is burning and there are still imbecilic idiots having barbeques on the common.

Every school kid should watch David Olusuga’s Black and British , The Forgotten History catch up BBC two.  We have always been a multiracial society, the beautiful African in us has been diluted by recessive genes but look around and you will see it there in our whiteness Olusuga takes us as far back as 300 AD. More on this of course.