Parliamentary !Q, The Poisoner in the Well, Scallops and Opium.

Once when moi was interviewing the then Minister of Defence for a Sunday Paper , he commented “if we continue to pay MPs such low salaries, we will get people in Parliament who could not get a better job elsewhere.” Or if you like “if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.”. This is the poison in the well the average Member of Parliament, especially those in high office seem unable to manage anything but their own advancement and even then they botch it up , keeping the trousers and mouth zipped might be a good “benchmark”. The bollocks Brexit plans are definitely a glaring example of absence of duty of care or intelligence amongst those who occupy public office.. don’t tell me these people would not prefer to be captains of industry be they men or women … oh and of course the ones who are unsure…. How can the palace of Westminster be debating the use of ladies lavatories and giving transgender males free sanitary protection when for Pete’s sake they don’t have a womb… whilst the world is in free fall…. Yep they are monkeys .Tampax for allno holes barred!

About the Scallop war , I never thought I would be on the side of the French , but the British fisheries were disgusting … thinking that it was Ok to dredge the sea bed of all life during the breeding season despite the responsible agreement the French had signed to leave well alone . No our jolly fishermen were in there in battle ships fighting the small French boats until there was blood on the deck. And they thought that was OK no it is not the French were right, vivre Napoleon .The similarity with the Opium wars we so drearily learned at school strikes me vividly .. we took luxury goods to India replaced the cargo with Opium grown by the hapless Indians, Sailed it to China and got the population hooked and basically ruined the country ….we brought back tea to be served in the drawing rooms of folk who prospered from the opium scandal.   The Chinese fought against the pernicious destruction of their people … I think the Chinese have long memories… watch this space. Yep it is the Opium Triangle which lingers like an open festering wound and now the scallops . Bad for Brexit ne’ ce pas ?

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