“Same old”s–t” I have never been unable to write anything before, but four months have passed, and the fabulous moi has been absent to the world of waffle . However, this morning, the earth moved (nothing moves after  major surgery)  and not just the brain with writers block, but the other kind as well, and the thousands of people who had awaited the return of the genius maybe disappointed . Guess what ? Nothing has changed much, except the weeks of agony have been worth it. And note the sense of irony; I think I may have my sense of humour back.

Not about the chronic situation, though as per the world and the weirdo’s who re not governing;  but in the home, where it is  a permanent war zone along with “you know who”  and a compelling phobias for turning off switches … deep freezes , life support machines, and such like; in the interests of economy of course.  Thank God for the young people who breeze in and out, some of them living here. There are, a few angels about; you just have to see them.

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