Dump Etiquette

So Mrs May will soon be dumped it will be dressed up with a plethora of handkissing and statement necklaces from those smarmy Europeans and a notable absence of female support. Here is the thing Lady Thatcher was the same animal except much cleverer and with a great intellect but neither had any close women friends.  Lady T did not like women  but she did like men who stabbed her in the back in the end.

I rather think Mrs May does not like anybody least of all herself, reported speech in the savvy Spectator described her as a dead eyed old Haddock on  visit to a  well known fishing port.

So where  are the female warriors  who defend there own not one to be seen she even sidelined Amber Rudd who had already fallen on her sword over the Windrush scandal,if you don’t love and defend other women you are bound to fail in the end watch how Mrs May works a room just like ” Margaret”. God help us all.

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