Melanie Reid, The Must Have Bible and May Day.

I used to think the must read book was Duff Cooper’s biography Talleyrand  but  Yes I know that dates me but so what? The change your life book ” The World I fell Out of ” Moi has been very down having been assailed by mysterious incapacitating health problems, as instanced by being unable to see the magnificent blossom in our ravishing garden properly as my angry retinas bugger it all up. Also no driving  so walking to Boots for the Tena lady is the big event …. Joking actually.  So this is where Melanie comes in her book is inspirational she is paralysed from the neck down, whose life was snatched by silly riding accident,  we all know who she is we read her column in the Sunday Times   . But the woman made me smile, celebrate the fact that I can walk to Boots , I can go to a movie with a dear  friend i can go to Zara and get that bomber jacket , i can stagger down the road with my adorable dogs and so much more. People have been very wonderfully fabulously kind including my astonishing friend who  has sat through all the grave conversations asking  Scary Consultants the questions which i should be asking myself. Melanie Reid says it all , celebrate what you have as Andrew Marr, says in his forward “reading this book will change you”.

This morning I think I saw the Almond tree more clearly , Mrs May should remove herself and read this book before she ruins all of our lives anymore than she has already done … read this….. Mrs May you will have time on your hands, it may help you find some humility and wisdom …….    you have become the most unforgiving of things a terrible bore.

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