The Tate Gallery,The Art of Giving, and Fate.

Chance comes but only to the prepared mind,  so say old Chinese proverb. Today I had a communication from the Tate who wish to use a picture i have loved for all my adult life in a book. Anyone who is a writer will know that painting and writing are natural bedfellows. I have been unable to write for four months but today the replication of this picture turned a key and unlocked a room I had not been able to accesses for a long Time. Ralph Aldo Emmerson said that painting should not dazzle but domesticate.  There it was so my new book was born and it is all in my head meeting with a painter and his muse in 1956  ” You know nothing and you are suffering” he said “read Stendhal in French and educate yourself …. this can be your home”.

That Meeting rescued me .It is  a journey I need to take again so damn the eleven thousand words already written about the revolting Corn Laws this is about life as I have seen it lived . He was about seventy then and I was a terrified girl…. I have seen him every second of everyday since that moment and his wife domesticated me her quiet touch is there in all of my soon to be thirteen descendants little things, so precious and instinctive …. occasionally outsiders try to steal in and stealthily try to own some of the magic but they cannot i is ephemeral. This is my journey back off witless,  plunderers you are not of the enlightened

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