Angels, Salisbury, and What Lies between us and Jeremy Corbyn.

I went to stay with some Angels in Salisbury, coming back on the train I met another one . We got to talking and she shone a light on something very fundamental ….. I gave her my number and she promised to text me with the contact details of another angel who could “change the perception of a situation which was darkly unconscionable. She sent me the number, I I grasped the straw, OMG its like coming back from drowning.  Follow closely when the time is right I will share it , but these angels are very busy and they walk very fast , so be on the lookout don’t miss them what ever you do because as say old Chinese proverb say ” chance comes but only to the prepared mind”.

So what stands between us and Jeremy Corbyn, it is of course the big B. A barrister friend of mine came out with something  uncharacteristically frank the other day something he had heard … ” a standing C….has no honour”  well it is a bit testosterone filled mouth and trousers in the corridors of power isn’t it ? However I always thought it was a crime to record people with out their permission . Somebody did it to me once , a marital row actually , seriously the Big B needs a happy ending and keeping his clothes well buttoned would be good , and for Heavens sake don’t have Tracy Emins bed in the back of your car, that is dynamite, a health risk but I suspect the revolting Corbyn is worse what with entire Zoos floundering about in his beard and all OMG what a way to die  suffocating in that beard and not just the hair thing also he hideous rubbish that comes out of the mouth. Got to go and floss my suffices now This is a nasal hair free zone.