New Best Friends, Evita and Mad is Best

Moi has had fabulous week, A ” Field Trip ” round Dorset at it’s best, a divine dog called Dora the tour leader a fearless woman  and who else would have a picture of themselves with e Guevara Dora . And then Evita in the regents Park open air Theatre….. sharing a picnic with Russell and Katie OMG they live a life, losing all in the Equitable Life Scandal they pick themselves up and even built a pub in their garden in Essex They. hey saw my blog and saw the ninety year old cradle snatcher s 90th on it . As we parted they said “when we re old we want to be like you two……. the ninety year old smiled enigmatically ad I thought of the 90 year old’s  horrible claw hammer secreted in my friends coal hole (about which we chant good kind thoughts) but it’s still a claw hammer for Gods sake …scary . ” “Well I wish I had been like your two when I was your age” I said , and I meant it yes I bloody meant it . They were the tops.

As I write Prince Charles is on Desert Island Discs …. why can’t the man just be normal its all so egregious Ok so you are clever good and have a great empathy with people who have to sneeze their own toothpaste.? Get over it .   YKW  had a role model in gestures and voice etc when it became a public figure I wonder who that could have been? Only two flounces during lunch today.

Moi in the groove with my new and serious book with more that a passing reference to our terrible colonial past. Do we think HRH ever talks like a normal person? I think of the Beloved Queen with one bar on the electric fire buttoning her twinset she must wonder what went wrong ….. she should console herself with the thought of the peerless Kate the mother of the future heirs now that is perfection.