New Best Friends, Evita and Mad is Best

Moi has had fabulous week, A ” Field Trip ” round Dorset at it’s best, a divine dog called Dora the tour leader a fearless woman  and who else would have a picture of themselves with e Guevara Dora . And then Evita in the regents Park open air Theatre….. sharing a picnic with Russell and Katie OMG they live a life, losing all in the Equitable Life Scandal they pick themselves up and even built a pub in their garden in Essex They. hey saw my blog and saw the ninety year old cradle snatcher s 90th on it . As we parted they said “when we re old we want to be like you two……. the ninety year old smiled enigmatically ad I thought of the 90 year old’s  horrible claw hammer secreted in my friends coal hole (about which we chant good kind thoughts) but it’s still a claw hammer for Gods sake …scary . ” “Well I wish I had been like your two when I was your age” I said , and I meant it yes I bloody meant it . They were the tops.

As I write Prince Charles is on Desert Island Discs …. why can’t the man just be normal its all so egregious Ok so you are clever good and have a great empathy with people who have to sneeze their own toothpaste.? Get over it .   YKW  had a role model in gestures and voice etc when it became a public figure I wonder who that could have been? Only two flounces during lunch today.

Moi in the groove with my new and serious book with more that a passing reference to our terrible colonial past. Do we think HRH ever talks like a normal person? I think of the Beloved Queen with one bar on the electric fire buttoning her twinset she must wonder what went wrong ….. she should console herself with the thought of the peerless Kate the mother of the future heirs now that is perfection.

Antiques Horror Show,Great Grand Nan and Tasking

I am very fussy about what I watch on the Tele , nothing sad except if it is educationally necessary , nothing domestically challenging, no animal cruelty and absolutely no grinding of a sexual nature because I know the actors wear caster plasts made to measure on their privates so they do not make actual contact , the concept is .. well rather repulsive.  So I am usually quite  lucky for example The Antiques Road Show.

Not anymore last night there was a nasty little bird cage where generations of little canaries had sung themselves to death , the lives of these poor creatures were never mentioned there was a tiny ” exquisite” draw for it’s food and no mention of w ater. Canaries love bathing and require a clean bath daily, they like masses of space and friends, they like lettuce and cuttlefish to sharpen their , beaks . They like classic FM they adore Mozart, they like to fly around the room and shit in your salad, one of mine gave birth on the Winchester Bypass. The nest wobbled a bit and other drivers were amazed. One lovely van load of hippies spoke to me in a traffic jam and said they all new we were their sort of people..

Oh yes and then there were at least two exhibits which were a  shocking reminder of our colonial past say no more…. and then a dolls house “repro” of a butchers shop dripping blood carved up animals and horrible chopping blocks knives and all. It was described as a lovely child’s toy .

I have just become a great grand nan  with luck this adorable little boy will be an animal lover , be sensitive about his countries history , and certainly not eat beef …  so far his divine parents tick every box on the planet……

Nurse No Jam, Party Pooping,Wasp in the Fruit Salad Cradle Snatcher Finally Makes Ninety (in a good way)

Yep, caterers, vintners, garden hands(moi) embassy napery, the Swansea Dinner Service( nicked from the fall out of a boyfriends broken marriage fifty years ago) yes moi and my friend Tessa bundled it into my tiny stuck together with sellotape fiat’;  bunting , special straws for the Bellinis dozens of garden chairs, dog pooh squads, there are three spaniels, and they poohed constantly from he excitement of it all….. oh and the party boy “walk  outs”been doing those for thirty eight years… easier when we had two houses , but now, well it’s a bit last year, (specially as my house has always been super comfortable  …) yes even one on the day….. But God is kind and a group of the loveliest friends arrive beautifully attired and charming. The sun shines, and Mr Nice Guy is there. angelically smiling in a bow tie. We know this one oh yes we do , did we fast forward to ninety ? ” dunno” as one of my many super articulate granddaughters would say.

But the real thing is that it was a a superb success it every way , even the B Boy speech which didn’t start off that well but then it suddenly cut to 1983 enter Goddess , I cried, I  mean how could I not?