Madame Macron’s Head is Missing Dressed to Kill and the Back View.

It is not surprising that President Macron is touchy about his wife’s face, is the image we see in photos really her? it never quite fits the body it’s much to big and surely there  must be a side view . It looks like something very fishy to me. .

Speaking of which the cradle snatching ninety year old might also not really be an actual person, there are different uniforms each day , Al Capone stuff for sports white shoes and zip suits  and a very alarming Cliff Richard Jacket for one of the Killer sporting fixtures, white is quite creepy when there is only a back view. we flounce out of rooms even if they are silent and  empty (flouncing out on oneself must be very traumatic) “self flouncing?) oh and  sometimes with a tray  on which the meal will be  furiously removed from the table ? its called ” the revolving door syndrome” a metaphor which seems entirely appropriate. Oh but then there is the blue denim look for bin days which are Sundays and most of Saturday sorting …. never look in  used brown paper bags but these are specially beloved.  Other residents here have taken to preempting this objecting to the intimate search of their domestic an personnel lives  but that dos not work as the bin position and contents are still an object of scrutiny even in full view of the neighbours . One of the neighbours bins has gone missing so they are sharing ours  so tomorrow should be interesting.

Today moi clocked thirty seven thousand words into the new book despite the fact that we were all kept awake most of the night by events in the road. The bins were not out thank God.


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