David Cameron the Greedy Narcisist took a “punt” on democracy and Like a fox returns to rake over the”remains”.

Is David  Cameron the most deluded person in the world? He wants it all . wealthy, spoiled fat cat  its all there, and having effed up the whole wonderful country we have the good fortune to live in , he cant  just shut up and count his blessings . No here he is back in the limelight stealing the plot and asking for sympathy. Yes he lost a child so have many other people actually that is not an excuse for calling a disgraceful referendum. Surely this is as bad as invading Iraq . Blair is the same and now we have Major joining the bandwagon…. no these men have had their time and they need to get off the stage and let another lot “Eff” it up OK Dave has been depressed so write a decent book you  egregious self serving has been I am never going to forgive you and millions of decent people feel the same. Do what Winston Churchill did build a wall and “never complain never explain” and get your toenails painted again….

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