Return of The House Sparrow, Good “Times”and KBO.

The Times newspaper has decided to print good news as well as Covid horror. Eg the return return of the house sparrow, the recovery of wales I mean the marine kind… there is also better news on the environment plus the gardens are  poignantly.  beautiful shame  on all the people who have made a fortune on the sales of hand sanitiser  …. the big C is a man made virus and  but  no bacterial stuff will kill it , just a good lather with soap and water which breaks down its nasty little layer of fat without which it cannot sustain itself . This I learned from the John Hopkin institute along with thousands of others, it was by far the best explanation of the evil monster I have seen. Of course the mantra is “”Bleach for Britain Iists the only thing for everything  but invest in rubber gloves , cracked skin is a potential killer.

Now on the positive, Moi has been catatonic-ally silent for five months, whilst processing unthinkable domestic circumstances but a calm happy house  plus a four legged charmer enjoys the sparrows the blossom and the fabulous pride this country can build a four thousand bed hospital in two weeks  listen up China, whilst your live markets still flourish nature is watching .Keep Buggering on brilliant Btitain

One thought on “Return of The House Sparrow, Good “Times”and KBO.

  1. Hi Vanessa glad to see you are well and healthy please take care of yourself. Russ and I are both working extremely long hours him at Parliament and me at Queens hospital but it is keeping us both sane. Look after yourself and kind regards to John.
    Love Kate. (Evita in the park) xx

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