Not the Black Death, A Contemporary Pestilence Must read “A Rose In Winter”Published by Quartet and no Place fr Party Politics.

There is a horrible feeling of eugenics going on, a sinister, subliminal voice, which speaks Senocide; ie, locking all the wise/older folk, who are, roughly, give or take, 70 years young, in their houses, like forgotten lepers. We have our uses. Actually as one of the latter, people planners, should know, this is contrary to all that is natural, and good in human nature, as I, have experienced. The spirit of community  here ,where we live, is amazing. Gifts  of shopping, are left on the doorstep. The Times buggered up my eyes today; there was too much negative info in it, not enough wisdom, from the wigwam. A good friend here is reading my book Summers Grace, a novel set in the time of the Plague 1646, when half of Europe died; we must count our blessings. Have a lovely day. you are all amazing and wonderful.

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