Time for Contemplation Sublime Happiness andThe Grass isGreener.

There is a time for remembering moment of sublime happiness, and indeed people are dreaming wonderful things at the moment. Gone are the hours of anxiety about the broken tumble drier of the bad hair date . There is pleasure in a gift on the doorstep in the food trading emerging in our street or a conversation over the garden fence. And the dreams are astonishing I dream of my late teens spent living with Paul and Jessie Maze in the Sussex downs where I got a taste of what real life could be   the smell of oil paint reverence to an elderly man and his wife who fulfilled the promise of parents I had never had , the silky mound of spaniels on the sofa we still use today calm order of a well ordered house French country food ,learning the skills of housekeeping laughter around the table we still use. And above all the wisdom of an elderly man ….. and his adoring muse . Wonderful times . A friend said to me yesterday that looking back on her life she could not remember ever experiencing sublime happiness  now that would be truly awful.

Of course nothing beets the birth of a child and  the the first Christmas with your own home made family ….. the first outing with the new born,. there are good times to come believe me .

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