Virtue? Sloth, F.A and K.B.O

I keep being told about all the virtuous activities people (even of my vast age) are doing , they are busy night and day chopping wood hoovering the skirting boards taking up crochet making egg cosies, sowing for victory wearing hoods and gathering kindling wood. Even Goddammit writing books . Now steady on thats what I can do , but not just now because I am a sloth drowning in lethargy.  I have put my book about colonial slavery aside and should write about these heroines …… but hold on I have decided to turn over a new leaf, I will collect the mountains of dog shit which has started to accumulate on the pavement mix it with compost and bag it up to sell on t street at five pounds a go beautifully packaged as fertiliser , I will give the profit to a worthy cause and meanwhile I have found some very old sanitary napkins which have been surplus to requirements for many years, and make them into masks that I will post to my virtuous acquaintances not the men though they could get the wrong end of the stick when their virtuous spouses return from foraging,. Actually I don’t really get it, the thing is that virtue does not require witnesses does it , so I am coming up for another sofa slurp with the divine Alice pictured below, she snores away while I watch the birds taking their evening bath and think a cocktail.

Oh by the way the asteroid is coming next week,   So KBO ( keep buggering on) yep the great British public are brave indeed and I think of the wretched women and children being murdered by their partners at the moment , I ask you how can these tragic women get to a phone and go to an app, they can’t they die ? Yes they do and so do their kids . the only thing is to remove the abuser and lock him up … ever thought of that ? Abusers are cunning, it is a terror for these families and this has been condoned in a male world for too long decent men do not slap women about in secret it is learned behaviour and we have another generation being carefully schooled God Help Us .

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