Dominic Cummings and Goings

How disappointing absolutely no question Boris Johnson must sack Cummings  there cannot be a dual standard for those in positions of power, and how was he fit to drive nearly three hundred mile with a small child in the car when he was and a sick wife ….whilst suffering from Covid? Presumably they stopped for comfort brakes lots of contact tracing there then ????? Believe me Prime Minister this man is not worth it and Mrs C I feel like cancelling my Spectator.


No Rain No Grain,The Whole World is Pregnant, and Beards.

Fatuous weather girls smile brightly as they tells us there ill be uninterrupted sunshine and not to worry there will be no rain. Firstly give us all a break most people do not have plans to pound around the countryside we are supposed to be in confinement . Truth is the public is getting fed up with watching this from a window. They have had enough but news for you folks now there is a serious drought and there will not be any grass to have a picnic on if this goes on plus a shortage of weetabix in the winter.

Never mind there is only one thing left for the young and fecund , the birthrate will double in February  here is the problem all the daddies in the delivery rooms will look the same, all of them will have beards down to their knees ….. so this begs the question are all men lazy slobs who cant’t be arsed to shave?  Locked up with one of these would be very testing  like being kidnapped by a terrorist.  this is where zoom is so  nauseating what with that and the windows all shut and the unwashed lower garments etc ……. this is the primary reason for letting everyone out the light of day is what what all need whist of course socially distancing..  Yes education is a wonderful thing mine was very deficient  but I was perked up to read that Tina Brown went to my school and she is extremely clever  I was told yesterday that I should think like Prometheus… I had to look it up yep fearless would be good but hard to exercise in the present climate where anxiety rules .





Monty Don and Nigel, Grieving Blackbird Parents, and shock Horror Humans.

Monty Don paid homage to his beloved dog Nigel the star of gardeners world , I cried about that but not as much as I cried for the baby blackbird whose d fete we do not know. . The tiny creature fell out of his nest and landed in a concrete area outside our kitchen the parents did their nut trying to save it as did my son Andy tried to put it in a more suitable place the parents in hot pursuit , it ran off under a car and .Andy saved it again, the frantic parents asked for it to be returned to the plus some suitable foliage … a foul cat had watched it  and ran off when bombarded by the brave parents and the bellowing human. The parents went on feeding it for two days … this morning he was not there ….. This animal drama was ghastly and reassuring at the same time , meanwhile our darling puppy has not lost he eye to a Rose thorn but is still in hospital . Jung said tht staying in touch with the animal kingdom was the secret to our survival.

When our esteemed ancestors wanted to bump off tribes of inconvenient humans they infected them deliberately with contaminated clothing … what has been going on in care homes is so shocking that it gets hidden … not any longer decisions were made to force care homes to receive infected patients into their midst or lose funding … job done kill off the oldies eugenics dolled up but mass murder just the same…. meanwhile the Nightingale hospital built in two weeks for healthy young people has fifty four patients with a capacity of four thousand. Why didn’t we create hospitals for elderly covid patients and save the lives of all the carers and families they infected as well as there own? I tell you those blackbirds and Monty Don would have made a better job of this thank God for the little bit of humanity we can salvage the realty of grief being part of it.

A  posh lady I know said today that she was very disgusted by young families out in the parks ” why could’t they stay inside she asked “Not a big ask ” she announced .

My response was explicit….. I asked if she realised that forty percent of families do not have access to outside space ,  “oh” she replied  and by the way there is not queuing in Henley upon Thames ….. what about Reading I asked ….. Monty Don would seem to me to be a very grounded person.

Knicker Gusset Masks ,Nation of Snitchers, and We should Clap the Vets.

Some folk have become obsessed with self isolation, and activities which make them “terribly busy” the latest is making masks out of knicker gussets. The rank materials must be washed first….. these may have been continuously worn for many weeks . This may ad to the value if to be sold to a niche market. Personally they would not attract me but maybe the weird people who have become curtain twitchers. Apparently we have become a nation of snitchers. The sooner we get back to normal the better .

Now to the positive our puppy Alice injures her eye on a rose thorn , she would have lost it had it not been for the prompt action of the local vet and a long trip to a pet hospital in Surrey > The morning the fabulous news they had saved it and she will be in hospital for a week. Dogs are the most precious of all friends and the love we have for her is beyond words . She is very popular in the hospital and being hand fed chicken…. my titanium knee stood up well to the kneeling supplications God is kind sometimes …. I have temporarily suspended my row with him.

The Curse of Zoom,Pet Parlour Bath and Flap Jacks, the Harbingers of Death

Oh please no more Zoom , nostril hair , skanky track suit bottoms and dry shampoo hair. Just the voice will do then we can imagine the rest eg the lines of books acquired by yard in the background  . Give us a break we know you haven’t read any of them. What might be interesting would be a shot of your pet parlour bath which I bet you don’t clean and as for the skirting boards they would have a story ! That is why ladies have hairy legs at the moment shaving them in the bath is a disaster .

Now about the flapjacks there is a craze for making them and taking them to care homes  the next day more wretched people will have died praps even a dozen …. is there something going on here ? Personally I wouldn’t eat one now … seriously the carers in these homes are saints vocational and courageous….

So no locking up the over seventies now I hear we are a rebellious lot and not one of us I know would go for the misery of being deprived of all the joys life can give for our declining years and would rather take our chance.  and never have time for  flap jack let alone a cup of tea a stiff whiskey would I suspect tick the box and alcohol is the enemy of the plague.

I wish people would stop going on about housework … it does not improve the brain reading is the thing I am reading a diary written by Lady Emily Lutyens in 1953  very much an emphasis on conversation skills in the great embassies she grew up in ,I am practising on my self really I have to wrack my brains for something really interesting to say which is the primary reason i do not like my onw company ….