The Curse of Zoom,Pet Parlour Bath and Flap Jacks, the Harbingers of Death

Oh please no more Zoom , nostril hair , skanky track suit bottoms and dry shampoo hair. Just the voice will do then we can imagine the rest eg the lines of books acquired by yard in the background  . Give us a break we know you haven’t read any of them. What might be interesting would be a shot of your pet parlour bath which I bet you don’t clean and as for the skirting boards they would have a story ! That is why ladies have hairy legs at the moment shaving them in the bath is a disaster .

Now about the flapjacks there is a craze for making them and taking them to care homes  the next day more wretched people will have died praps even a dozen …. is there something going on here ? Personally I wouldn’t eat one now … seriously the carers in these homes are saints vocational and courageous….

So no locking up the over seventies now I hear we are a rebellious lot and not one of us I know would go for the misery of being deprived of all the joys life can give for our declining years and would rather take our chance.  and never have time for  flap jack let alone a cup of tea a stiff whiskey would I suspect tick the box and alcohol is the enemy of the plague.

I wish people would stop going on about housework … it does not improve the brain reading is the thing I am reading a diary written by Lady Emily Lutyens in 1953  very much an emphasis on conversation skills in the great embassies she grew up in ,I am practising on my self really I have to wrack my brains for something really interesting to say which is the primary reason i do not like my onw company ….

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