Knicker Gusset Masks ,Nation of Snitchers, and We should Clap the Vets.

Some folk have become obsessed with self isolation, and activities which make them “terribly busy” the latest is making masks out of knicker gussets. The rank materials must be washed first….. these may have been continuously worn for many weeks . This may ad to the value if to be sold to a niche market. Personally they would not attract me but maybe the weird people who have become curtain twitchers. Apparently we have become a nation of snitchers. The sooner we get back to normal the better .

Now to the positive our puppy Alice injures her eye on a rose thorn , she would have lost it had it not been for the prompt action of the local vet and a long trip to a pet hospital in Surrey > The morning the fabulous news they had saved it and she will be in hospital for a week. Dogs are the most precious of all friends and the love we have for her is beyond words . She is very popular in the hospital and being hand fed chicken…. my titanium knee stood up well to the kneeling supplications God is kind sometimes …. I have temporarily suspended my row with him.

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