Up Skirting in the Clergy, Gluton Free Communion Wafers and Arson .

My Local Church has just welcomed a new Vicar, his civil Partner his mother , her “carer” and three dogs and a very fine occasion it was the charming little vicarage refurbished at great expense to be a lovely home for a new and interesting family . One suspects swinging changes are a foot with a tight ship run as per Vatican precision with great attention to detail such as the option of glutton free wafers for communion. There were great opportunities for “upskirting” at this event with many fine flowing robes of great splendour. This was obviously not popular and would have been shockingly out of place. I think the congregation will have to prepared for much supplication and ritual. As moi does not take communion having been born into devout Quaker parentage the glutton free wafer is not significant.

But “Upskirting” is another matter altogether. If we all to be banned from wearing skirts what is going to happen? The joy of a skirt in this hot weather is singular and helps to avoid many unpleasant complaints in the pelvic area as a result of air restriction. Hot air is a bad thing on the whole . The Church faces a a dilemma in this as in so much else. I am rather old and do not fully understand the astonishing attention this matter of skirts and gender is such horrific issue there are many of us who were perhaps glad to have a hysterectomy when we were past past the useful reproductive age anybody could have been most welcome to my …. “womb” it had done its bit sixteen descendants is not bad going ,. but just think of this we are now told that free sanitary products ate to be given to all “People “ on demand I look around nervously .. is the sainted one perhaps suffering from PMT or some such I mean after all ????

The monsters who have set the fires on our great moorlands should receive the sentences commensurate with man slaughter, let us all pray for rain